Reporting & Technology

ClaimForce ReportingWith reporting and vendor management capabilities ranging from a single claim to entire company results, the ClaimForce platform provides insurance companies with the tools to improve their existing business, to change their programs, and enter new policy markets. The detail provided allows our clients to search vendors by location and performance.

Turn-Key Technology

The ClaimForce platform features a highly efficient claims workflow engine that leverages robust Application Service Provider (ASP) technology. This technology enables highly effective communication between claim representatives and qualified service providers during the adjusting process, all through a single point of access. This single integration point ensures the visibility and manageability of the entire claims process, while providing critical management data to better inform future procurement decisions.

It almost goes without saying in today’s digital world, but online security is a paramount concern. We are proud of our state-of-the-art data center, where we place the highest possible priority on data security.

A 360° View With ServiceScore

ServiceScore, our proprietary five star scoring tool, is a unique component of the ClaimForce platform, providing a 360° view of the independent appraisal process. ServiceScore allows us to:

  • Measure the satisfaction of stakeholders involved in the claims process

  • Provide feedback to vendors, allowing them to improve their service levels

  • Offer our clients a “real-time” measurement tool to make selecting reliable vendors easier

How does ServiceScore work?

At the completion of every assignment, the claim representative can measure the performance of the service provider involved in the claim with a simple click. We also have the option to ask the policyholder to complete a brief survey on their experience, thus acquiring CSI scoring for your claims reps.

Detailed feedback is provided to the insurer and vendor. As well as a ServiceScore rating, we also provide insurance carrier clients with detailed information on distance from loss, the average duration of job completion, and the average costs associated with work, for each of the 22,000+ service suppliers on the ClaimForce platform.

Service quality is directly related to policyholder customer satisfaction, and satisfaction leads to brand loyalty. By establishing a loyal customer base through superior service, insurance companies can improve their retention, ROI, profits and market share.

Accuracy Comes As Standard With eBilling

The eBilling and Bill Audit function is a built-in benefit for clients using ClaimForce platform. No need to pay a 3rd party to audit vendor invoices; our system does it as part of our overall service… for free.

Although ClaimForce has 22,000+ fully vetted claim service providers, all vendors use one standardized electronic invoice to bill for their services. Once the claim rep accepts the assignment and confirms the price, the invoice is essentially pre-audited; the process is completely controlled. Along with the ease and accuracy of a system that helps streamline what could otherwise be a very time-consuming process, ClaimForce clients benefit from the full management reporting available within the e-billing system.

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