DOI Reinspection Service

DOI Field Reinspection Service

DOI Field Reinspection Service

Legislative changes by the Departments of Insurance in both California and Massachusetts in recent years mean that a certain percentage of random field re-inspections must now be made, depending on the volume of claims you process. Is your business still compliant in those states?

Section 1874.85 of the California Insurance Code states – “An insurer that issues automobile liability or collision policies shall inspect vehicles for which it has approved a claim for the cost of auto body repairs, either during the repair process or after the work has been completed, and the number of vehicles inspected shall be a statistical sampling sufficient to demonstrate to the department the insurer’s efforts to reduce fraudulent auto body work during a calendar year.”

Let ClaimForce Help Manage The Reinspection Burden

Using our automobile appraisal network, the largest in North America, we can offer clients prompt compliant inspections to meet these revised Department of Insurance regulations in both California and Massachusetts.

ClaimForce can provide:

  • Timely high quality re-inspection services in CA & MA

  • On-site inspection with vehicle owner to verify proper repairs

  • Completed form and photos with each re-inspection package

  • Inspections for both private passenger & commercial vehicles

  • Self-assigned or ClaimForce managed programs available

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