Desk-Audit Services

Desk Audit Reviews for Auto Property

Desk-Audit Reviews for Auto & Property

Broad Experience | Specialist Knowledge

ClaimForce and our desk-audit partners have extensive experience in desk-auditing estimates for automobiles, trucks, heavy equipment, trailers, tractors, boats/marine, recreational and off-road vehicles, as well as homeowner and personal property losses, commercial property, utility claims, municipality and specialty claims.

Fair & Balanced Desk Reviews

ClaimForce optional desk-audits are performed by highly experienced automobile and property damage professionals using leading estimating systems. ClaimForce desk reviews help to ensure that your claim appraisal guidelines are followed; you can feel confident that the appraisal information provided will put your claim representative in the best position to make the right settlement decision.

Desk reviews reduce file handling time by verifying:

  1. Estimate accuracy
  2. Parts availability (checking that any recycled parts are sourced and available)
  3. Repair times (labor hours applied)
  4. Application of claim appraisal guidelines
  5. Identification of potential total losses
  6. Supplements and administration expense

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