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ClaimForce Rental Control Manager

The ClaimForce Rental Control Manager

Did you know that insurance companies spend in the area of $4.4 billion a year on over 12.5 million replacement vehicle rentals? This makes replacement rentals the second largest expenditure faced by auto insurance companies.

An Effective Replacement Rental Solution

Unless a carrier has a comprehensive single point of contact for managing rental car vendors, insurance claims departments face a challenge to manage costs and rental lengths effectively. The resultant inefficiency can translate to poor service in the eyes of the policyholder, or to higher than necessary costs for the carrier.

The ClaimForce Rental Control Manager is the solution to replacement rental inefficiency. Managed via an easy to use online customer interface, our procurement solution gives claims professionals access to a network of quality national, regional and local rental car locations.

The car rental locations on the ClaimForce platform compete in a healthy, competitive marketplace at a local level; this increased competition ensures that they not only deliver on price, but also on service levels. If their service is not consistent, we remove them from our network. This benefits the claims representative, the insurance carrier, and ultimately your policyholders.

Empowerment At Your Fingertips

The ClaimForce replacement rental solution offers insurance companies online management of the entire rental process through one seamless, secure point of access; from assignment, to payment, to management reporting.

The solution provides the vital information that claims professionals need to make effective, actionable decisions. What’s more, the system can support preferred provider contracts and pricing, and allows your policyholders choices that you control.

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