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ClaimForce – Introducing Our Services

As the most complete online procurement management and claim services marketplace in our industry, you would expect ClaimForce to offer a wide range of services and solutions. Explore our solutions and you won’t be disappointed.

Our ever-evolving, flexible technology and the sheer size of our Choice Network of fully vetted service providers enables insurance claim professionals and providers to operate as a single claims organization, interacting efficiently through a single point of access – the ClaimForce platform.

When clients manage their claims using the ClaimForce web-based platform, they have access to the best local and regional claim service providers and a nationwide network of 22,000+ providers. Alternatively, we can handle the entire claim services process for you – why not ask about our Managed Claim Services?



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To arrange a demonstration of the entire ClaimForce platform, or one of our solutions in particular, contact us at 1-866-219-2177.