Our ClaimForce team was in Des Moines, Iowa, this week to facilitate some training with our valued client, Nationwide Insurance. The training focused on latest vehicle technologies, and best practice methods on lean process for improved cycle times.

About ClaimForce, Inc.
ClaimForce, Inc. owns and operates the largest independent appraiser network in the United States. The ClaimForce network consists of over 22,000 vendor locations providing high quality services to the insurance industry. ClaimForce clients can utilize a suite of Auto and Property appraisal services including reinspection services, claims audit (desk review) services and the ClaimForce Total Loss Compliance tool which provides state mandated taxes and fee information for total loss auto claims. ClaimForce flexibly works with its insurance industry clients to automate and simplify client claims related workflow. ClaimForce efforts are often characterized by the phrase, “Let ClaimForce do it.” ClaimForce is based in Vernon Hills, Illinois.