Auto Appraisal Network

Automobile Appraisal Network

The Largest Automobile Appraisal Network in North America

We’re proud to have established the largest auto appraisal network in North America. Since 2002, the Choice Network has evolved into an invaluable resource for insurance claims professionals around the country.

Measured by Performance

Our innovative online platform provides key performance metrics including cycle times, GPS driven proximity to loss, service scoring, and competitive pricing. A rigorous vetting process includes a background check, referral check, and proof of insurance/licensing for all providers.

A Dynamic Approach to Auto Appraisal

Our Auto Appraisal Solution provides a single point of contact for claim representatives, and access to a scalable and efficient process that improves adherence to company guidelines, pricing, and service quality. All processes are tracked, monitored and reported; providing your team with the vital information needed to make effective, actionable decisions.

We appraise:

  • Cars, Trucks, & SUVs

  • Exotic, Classic and Luxury Vehicles

  • Antique and Collectible Vehicles

  • Recreational Vehicles

  • Motorcycles

  • ATVs

We undertake:

  • Desk Reviews

  • Scene Investigations

  • DOI and DRP Re-inspections

  • Lease Return Inspections

Contact ClaimForce Today

To arrange a demonstration of our Auto Appraisal solution or our entire ClaimForce platform, contact us at 1-866-219-2177.


*Business days, based on availability of vehicle and/or property owner. Accepted refers to acceptance by a ClaimForce network independent appraisal firm.