Appraisal Network

Introducing the ClaimForce Choice Appraisal Network

Are you gambling with policyholder satisfaction every time you issue an appraisal assignment? Are you sure that your policyholders are consistently receiving the highest possible levels of customer service? Take the guess work out of finding reliable Auto, Property, and HE/Specialty appraisal companies nationwide by using the ClaimForce Choice Appraisal Network.


The ClaimForce Advantage

The ClaimForce Choice Network is home to 22,000+ fully vetted claim service vendors, including the largest automobile independent appraiser network in North America, an unparalleled nationwide property independent adjuster network, and an extensive HE/Specialty appraiser network.

Our intelligent solution provides a single point of access, scalable platform for managing multiple service providers and service types across multiple markets in an environment that improves adherence to your company guidelines.

All processes are tracked and reported at the local level on an individual claim basis from assignment, to payment, to management reporting. Built-in on demand reporting features measure ServiceScore, cycle time, and other critical key performance indicators; all vital information that claims professionals need to make effective, actionable decisions.

CF Choice Network – The Solution to Adjusters’ Problems

  • No more searching for reliable appraisers with the right expertise, in hard to reach locations.

  • No more random emails and calls to multiple IAs.

  • No more high mileage fees – Mileage fees are included in our pre-negotiated rates.

  • Thousands of experienced, Auto, Property, and HE/Specialist Appraisers nationwide on hand.

  • Communication handled through one point of access.

  • Better accountability. ServiceScore, our proprietary scoring tool, ensures provider accountability.

By using the ClaimForce Choice Network claim representatives can always find a reliable service provider, at the right location, at the right time, for the right price.

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