Why Choose ClaimForce? Value…

ValueIn today’s market, every business is not just looking for value, but “added value”. The ClaimForce platform is an important tool for claim representatives because it does “add value”.

Flexible, Efficient and Cost Effective

Our technology enables clients to control the cost and selection of Auto, Property, Repair Facility, Salvage, Car Rental, Contents, Reinspection, Subrogation, and Loss Mitigation providers at pre-negotiated costs.

That’s valuable…but added-value comes from direct access to the real-time management information available on the ClaimForce platform. Data that enables clients to choose the best qualified provider to handle any claim services situation at that given time.

By improving the efficiency of processes and better utilizing resources, ClaimForce clients have immediate access to the data they need to make better buying decisions throughout the claims process.

Eliminate Future Change Costs

There are large vendors in the market that offer programs to assist claim representatives – think car rental. However, detailed training is needed when an insurance company wants to make a change, choosing to go with a different vendor for those services.

Because the ClaimForce Choice Network contains 22,000+ fully vetted vendors, we add value by eliminating the need for ongoing training sessions and future change costs. Why? Because when you integrate with ClaimForce, you’ve integrated with the whole industry. With one short training session on our uniquely simple and easy to navigate platform, your time and company resources can be spent on more valuable projects.

Not Just Value – Added Value

  • The most complete vendor procurement and claim services marketplace in the industry

  • Extensive network of 22,000+ qualified claims service providers

  • ServiceScore – A proprietary vendor management scoring system based on user feedback

  • The industry’s first true onsite 24 hour Inspection service for Auto and Property Appraisal

  • Mileage fees are included in our pre-negotiated rates

  • One simplified billing system

  • Licensing oversight included

Contact ClaimForce Today

To arrange a demonstration of our added value solutions, and our entire ClaimForce platform, contact us at 1-866-219-2177 o