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What is ClaimForce?

ClaimForce is the most complete online procurement management and claim services marketplace in the insurance industry. Using our flexible technology, we provide a user-friendly platform for claim representatives to use directly, or we can handle the entire claim services process for you.

Our ever-evolving technology enables insurance claim professionals and fully vetted claim service providers to work together as one single claims organization, interacting efficiently through a single point of access. When clients manage their claims using the ClaimForce web-based platform, they have access to the best local and regional claim service providers and a nationwide network of 22,000+ providers.

What Do We Do?

Why Choose ClaimForce?

  • Value

    Our added value solutions and services help streamline the claims process in the Property & Casualty sector, making business more efficient. By better utilizing resources, clients have the ability to make better buying decisions during the claim process.

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  • Coverage

    The Choice Network is a nationwide net of 22,000+ fully vetted service providers, including the largest independent auto appraiser network in North America, a large independent property appraiser network, plus auto body repair, rental replacement providers etc…

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  • Convenience

    With ClaimForce, convenience comes as standard. No multiple logins for auto, homeowner, body shop repair, or technology claims websites. Rationalize your process into one easy-to-use hub from first notice of loss to payment processing.

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How Do I Work with ClaimForce?

Choose a complete solution or select specific services. Many clients utilize a simple API integration; we integrate our complete platform into their claim process. Others use a selection of services and solutions that allow them to meet their immediate goals, whether that's accessing the largest automobile appraisal network in North America, or using our multi-vendor insurance replacement rental solution.

Some clients access our platform and have their reps manage the claims process themselves, while others let ClaimForce be their Claims Concierge, utilizing our Managed Claim Services product.

However our clients choose to work with us, insurers and vendors partner together to work and interact more efficiently and economically through a single point of access creating…

Streamlined, Efficient Assignments

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To learn more and get a personalized web demo, or if you are a claim service provider and would like to join our network, please reach us at 866-219-2177 or email

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